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June 24th, 2007 Cleaning out my bookmarks, with a magic bullet!

I’m on the search for an online bookmark service that will fit my needs. Del.icio.us seems too clunky and hard to use on a daily basis. Ma.gnolia looks nice, so I’m cleaning up my bookmarks in Firefox so I can import them.

If you use an online bookmark service or social bookmarking site, tell me what you think.

Magic Bullet
Also, I picked up a Magic Bullet blender yesterday. So far we’ve made fresh homemade guacamole, arctic chocolate milk shakes, omelettes, and chicken quesadillas. In addition to the recipe book that came with it, I downloaded about a dozen other recipes online last night. It doesn’t live up to the infomercial, but it is a cool gadget!

edit: Add hummos and mac & cheese to the list today.

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