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July 2nd, 2007 Summer tournaments — Sabrina and EVO

June 16, Sabrina Lake hosted the first Sabrina Head-to-Head competition. In the first round, I ran into trouble going around 4-ball, and only managed to make it around 5. Round 2, I ran my opener, and proceded to score 4 at 34mph. 64pts.
Sabrina Head2Head 2007

June 30-July 1, Emerald Valley hosted the Emerald Valley Open at Warman Lake in Vancouver, WA. In the first round I went out the front over the wakes after 3-ball. Only 2.5 points, boo (should have been 3, but I didn’t care to argue that). Round 2 I did better, making my opener, and rounding another 4 at 34mph. 64pts. I borrowed a trick ski for the Trick round. Managed to get both sideslides, and a back for 140pts. Fun weekend!
EVO 2007 SlalomEVO 2007 Slalom 2EVO 2007 Trick

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