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July 11th, 2007 Repairs repairs repairs!

Well I got my first good paycheck of the summer, followed almost immediately by my truck ceasing to work. Started with a dead battery, had AAA give me a jump start, they did some kind of electrical test and they determined the alternator was on its last leg.

So… had to replace alternator, serpentine belt, and tensioner assembly. In order to change these parts, I had to buy tools… torque wrench, 1/2 to 3/8 adaptor, jumper cables (battery died again), set of torx bits (set was 2.50 more than just the T-50 I needed)

Then 2 days into all this, my bike decides to stop moving. It’s been having slight problems for a while, the tire was rubbing on the frame, but not all the time. I came to realize it was off-axis a little bit, imagine:
(overhead view)
outside lines being the frame, and center is the tire

Turns out the axel snapped, and the spindle was bent inside it. Add to that the wheel was fairly out of ‘true’ and a broken spoke. Add to that the bike shop was backed up and couldn’t do anything for 2 days. Add to that my truck wasn’t working.

So… replaced the wheel and chain. To accomplish this, I had to get a chain tool, tire levers. After I replaced the chain, it was skipping gears, and when I was like 5 blocks from work, came off a derailer and TWISTED. Back to the bike shop, and they replaced it, cool.
twisted bike chain

Alternator $75
Serpentine belt $23
Torque wrench + adaptor $20
Jumpers ~$15ish?
Tensioner $38
Torx bits $11
Bike wheel $35
Chain tool $11
Chain + levers $15
Total ~$250

And I don’t have much to show for it, just a few more tools. But on the up side, I’m mobile again without relying on Erin’s car. Now maybe I can go waterskiing this week!

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