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July 17th, 2007 Netflix cheating… Rules…

NetflixThe Washington Post recently had an article about Netflix Cheating. Interesting read.

Personally, I gave Erin her own queue on my 3-out account. I have 2 of my own (one for movies, and one for TV shows). She often likes the bad sci-fi, and more often the bad anime, so I set up a queue for her.

I don’t think we’ve run into any problems with “Netflix cheating” yet, we usually have a steady enough stream of movies that we can get together to watch something when our tastes overlap.

Anyhow, here are the rules outlined on page 3 of the Washington Post article:

  • The Zip code rule: Movies can be watched if one of the parties is out of town, especially if said travel lasts more than three days or falls on a weekend.
  • The “Sixth Sense” rule: Any movie billed as having a surprise ending should not be watched sans partner. Especially if one can’t keep one’s mouth shut.
  • The “Veronica Mars” rule: Any TV show in which one’s understanding of the plot depends on viewing every episode should not be watched without one’s partner. If one does watch solo, one must not return the DVD until both parties have completed it.
  • The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell rule: Indiscretions are tolerated, so long as the wronged party never learns of them. David Klimas and Kurt Rieschick have developed such a policy with certain shows. “If he ever watches ‘Lost’ without me,” says Klimas, “he better have the decency to lie about it. The truth would be too devastating.”
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