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January 25th, 2008 Roll Film…

2008r02p36I just remembered a quote I got in my e-mail after that first roll of film. Makes a joke about the pain of film processing…

I said: “Most of mine are on strips of light sensitive celluloid… er.. film, which I have to develop myself, so I don’t have anything to look at yet.”

Mike replied: “You might try some Preparation “C” on those sensitive celluloids. Just apply liberally to your F Stop and wait a few hours.”

Here’s my 2nd roll of film. A little misleading, I’ve been using 2 cameras, and I started this roll first, but it was the last (of 4 so far) to get finished, developed and scanned. Same deal as before, side image to view the rest of the album, or squares to see the individual images.

2008r02p31 2008r02p30 2008r02p29 2008r02p25 2008r02p20 2008r02p08

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