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January 26th, 2008 Add some color to your life!

CRW_8536 These photos were taken after I finished the last roll I posted. I only had a few exposures left at the last site, and wanted to try to capture some of the same photos in color. I also explored more of the area. Such is the freedom of having digital. You have more latitude for experimentation without spending money every time you click the shutter.

The site was the Willamette River near Aspen St. in Springfield. All shot with Digital Rebel 300D, mostly using EF 28-90mm lens.

CRW_8535 CRW_8534 CRW_8540 CRW_8541 CRW_8545 CRW_8543

If you can believe it, there are more photos after the break.

CRW_8554 Then I found a tennis ball in the woods and decided to do somewhat of a “study” with it. I would photograph it, kick it and photograph it again, and repeat the process until it was time to go. I tried to re contextualize the ball each time, and I think in most cases I was successful.

The challenge here was the setting was mostly the same, a walking path alongside the river, with vegetation on both sides. I think the number of shots I ended up with was appropriate, even though the reason for stopping was because my memory card filled up. I can see myself repeating a similar process again, and see if it takes me anywhere interesting.

CRW_8555 CRW_8549 CRW_8557 CRW_8547 CRW_8560 CRW_8563

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