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July 30th, 2008 Mint Lake Open

CRW_0888 Thinking maybe I should start doing tournament recaps after they happen, so I can look back at the performances at the end of the year. Anyhow, here’s my first crack at one.

I’ve skied at Mint a few times, but only at the Emerald Valley’s Northwest Championships tournament. This was the first one where our club wasn’t as required to do the work. I still helped out with scoring and judging, it helps to practice at a variety of locations, learn the quirks of the computers and whatnot.

TourID: 08W133C
Yacolt, WA
7/12/2008 to 7/13/2008

Slalom Rd 1: 4 @ 58k, 23m
Tricks: 810 pts (personal best!)
Jump: 64 ft (personal best!)
Slalom Rd 2: 2H @ 58k, 16m (personal best!)

I also took some photos from the site (click image above for gallery):
CRW_0916 CRW_0894 CRW_0906 IMG_0953 IMG_0961 IMG_0945

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