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September 16th, 2009 Nine Months

I keep thinking about my blog and it keeps sitting on the back burner. It’s not for lack of things I could be talking about, shit in the past 9 months, I’ve…

  • competed in a city league ski racing league, and our team won the whole season
  • had the worst Christmas ever #christmasfail08
  • been [positively] excited about a presidential inauguration
  • played a UO officially sanctioned flip cup tournament with the club sports olympics, and we WON
  • broke a slalom ski 🙁
  • went from 5 down to 2 e-mail accounts, and one of those may be going a way soon
  • met a girl, her name is Angela, many of you have even met her by now
  • graduated from college!!!!!!!!!
  • successfully survived a road trip with Angela through 9 states
    • Yellowstone, Ren Faire, Badlands, Wall Drug, SLC, etc…
  • partaken in a few dancing lessons (ssssh! don’t tell anyone!)
  • somehow convinced Angela to buy a Mac
  • dealt with 2 flat tires in 2 different states I don’t live in, and neither one on my personal vehicle
  • turned 27
  • competed in 9 waterski tournaments in 6 different states, and waterskied in a 7th state
    • including Collegiate National All-Stars for slalom+trick, and AWSA Western Regionals for 3-event (and qualified for but didn’t go to AWSA Nationals)!
  • upgraded my wordpress blog, twice, without posting anything
  • volunteered with a church group on a construction project
  • bought a Playstation 2 from a thrift store for $12.50 and repaired it myself
  • sold my old DSLR and bought a spiffy new one, and taken thousands of photos with it
  • attended a number of concerts
  • given up on my football team, due to some unFavreable circumstances
  • finally started getting my online portfolio and résumé up-to-date

…and some other stuff too, I assure you. But now that you’re updated on my life, maybe now I can get this site fully back on track again?

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