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October 15th, 2010 Change “Screen locked by” name in ARD

ARD Lock screen

ARD Lock screen

Not sure how the chicken vs egg thing works out, but the previous Tech at Sheldon didn’t do much for managing Macs, so since I have a stronger Apple/Mac background, the Macs here are getting some newfound TLC from me. First step getting an disk imaging/ghosting system in place.

The couple of weeks it’s kind of been a side project to get a “Master Image” set up on a computer to use as a basis for creating more specific images. Yesterday I deployed the image for the first time onto 2 more computers (one for testing on another similar PPC system, and one on an MacIntel to install Intel/10.6 specific software)

I’m also testing to see how Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) is going to work for myself and specific teachers who might need it. I noticed when you run Curtain (lock screen while managing computers) it displays the name of the person who locked it. Which led me to ask, where is it getting that name from?

It’s pulling the name from the ARD Admin’s long username in OS X. In my case that was my actual name. I was thinking I might want to change this to read “Screen locked by SHS Admin.” To make this change: Go into System preferences -> Accounts, and change your Full Name. You will then need to quit and relaunch Apple Remote Desktop.

Happy Mac Administrating. 🙂

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  1. ProfessorTom Says:

    Thanks for posting a picture of the lock. I’ve been curious what that looks like but haven’t gotten around to testing myself where I can see the results–I use ARD to work from home.