Weight Loss with Hormones

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Source: Women’s Health Magazine


Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells, and plays a role in appetite control. Excess body fat can cause leptin resistance, causing your brain to keep eating, particularly high-calorie foods. Eat a cup of veggies in the morning, this should cause you to be less hungry later in the day, and increase fat burning.

Cortisol and Serotonin

Cortisol is a stress hormone that may cause you to binge on high-sugar or high-carb foods. Cortisol can also cause fat to be stored in your belly. Serotonin does the opposite: it is a calming appetite suppressant. Avoid sugary high-caloric carb, and sub for folate-rich lentils, asparagus and spinach. Vitamin B found in these should help create serotonin. Sleep helps too.


Ingesting sugary or high-carb food/drinks will spike blood sugar, resulting in the body producing excess insulin, which pulls sugar from the bloodstream, and triggers calories to be stored as fat rather than burned. Avoid soft-drinks and white breads/pasta. Whole-grains contain fiber which slow the blood-sugar surges. Also eat more frequent, smaller portions to maintain levels of glucose and insulin.


Irisin is a newly discovered hormone, produced by muscle tissue, is released with exercise, and can help reduce insulin resistance. This can cause white fat behave more like brown fat (burns calories). Work out 20-30 min, 4-5 times a week. Lower your thermostat, dip your feet in ice water.

Sneaky Hidden Hormones

Hormones can be hidden in everyday products like scented cosmetics, shampoos and household cleaners. These chemicals can contain phthalates to help scents last. Look for phthalate-free on labels.

Canned food liningsĀ can contain bisphenol-a (BPA) which is an estrogen-like chemical. Look for BPA-free packaging.

Nonstick cookware contains levels of perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA), which can cause girls born to moms who use non-stick cookware to be overweight. Use cast iron or stainless steel.