Louie Vidmar
Randomly Selective – Selectively Random


This is my portfolio, a constant work in progress. Here you will find various creative work I have done for employers/clients, school, family, and volunteer work, as well as some things I have done in my spare time.

  • Web Development – Developing websites using existing designs, or in conjunction with a designer. Features several publications in the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.
  • Web Design – Some of the websites I have designed over the years. Just as web standards and technologies evolve, so must the abilities of web designers. I pride myself on creating completely standards compliant and if possible, Section 508 accessability compliant websites.
  • Photography – Here you will find some of the work I have done in school, photos I have taken for fun, and hopefully soon photos taken for clients. More examples can be seen directly on my Flickr account.
  • Videography – Various school-related and personal-interest pieces. While video remains a strong interest of mine, other media (web, photo, and physical art) consume most of my time.
  • Digital Illustration – Coming soon!