Web Design


CoxswainKeeper – Local entrepreneur, member of the UO Crew Club, and soon-to-be UO graduate, Adam Fagen invented a product called the CoxswainKeeper. Simple, yet stylish seems to be a theme I go for quite often. I wanted to take a crack at making one of the shiny 3D looking logos that can be seen all over the web these days.


University of Oregon: Club Sports

Club Sports – info soon.


University of Oregon: Tennis Club

Tennis Club – As a fundraiser for the waterski club, I offered to do web design work for other club sport teams who need it. I’m working for donations to the waterski club. Tennis was the first club to contact me. I wanted something very simple, yet stylish here. I had a vision of a background resembling the curves of a tennis ball. Using Adobe Illustratorâ„¢ I created the symmetrical curves, and added the colors and texture effects using Adobe Photoshop.


University of Oregon: Waterski Club

Waterski Club – I wanted something very simple, yet stylish here. Some sort of header graphic was a must, I used a blown up shot of myself waterskiing from a video I have, and edited it a lot to flow with the colors in the site. Basically the goal of the site is to be able to share club news, schedule, pictures/video, and other resources once things get going in April.


University of Oregon: Department of Mathematics

math.uoregon.edu – During December of 2004, I was asked to design a new website for the Math department at the University of Oregon. Their old site wasn’t pretty before. Many tables and font tags, cluttered directories, and all kinds of stuff. My goal here was to design a very clean, yet stylish, website that would be easy to navigate, and contain all the content they needed, and keeping it easy to maintain and expand.