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I made my first online video game FAQ website on Geocities in November 1994 (at the tender age of 12). Started my first website using static HTML and image maps in 1998. Created a basic page for my high school’s alpine ski team in winter 1998/99. Moved to Apple’s iDisk service briefly in 2001-02. Developed my first commercial site with domain name for my family’s business in 2001. Got my personal domain in February 2003, using self-hosted MovableType. In July 2004, switched to WordPress.org and started learning PHP, and never looked back. Developed a hand-full of custom PHP and/or WordPress sites in the mean time. I started learning Plone in summer 2007, deployed approximately 14 Plone sites working as a student webmaster at the University of Oregon. Graduated from UO in 2009 with a BS in Digital Art/Multimedia.

I first used a computer sometime in the 1980’s, an Apple 2e, I believe. My history with computers has been fairly Apple/Mac-centric, moving through an Apple IIgs, PowerComputing PowerCurve, PowerMac G3, PowerMac G4, Titanium PowerBook G4, to a number of iMacs and Mac Minis. I’ve also had a hand in building a few PC’s from parts, installing most every version of Windows from about 1998-on, and numerous flavors of Linux. Performed professional tech work on Mac OS 8-9, every version of OS X since 10.1, and every version of Windows from 98-Win7.

From a very young age I’ve been interested in Photography. Shooting 35mm film in a fully automatic camera as a kid, started using SLRs in high school. Used my first Digital camera in 2000. Took my first Photography class in 2002, and got my first DSLR in 2007, and upgraded in 2009. Since then I’ve taken thousands and thousand of photos, many of which I upload to Flickr.

In my free time, depending on the season, I do a lot of skiing and waterskiing. I was first introduced to skiing before I could walk in the driveway of my family’s home in Minnesota. Joined my high school’s alpine racing team in 7th grade and won a few awards. The highlight of this was our team taking 4th place at the MN State Championships in 2001. I found competitive waterskiing in 2003 with a cousin, we entered 2 INT tournaments in southern Minnesota. In 2005, I found the Emerald Valley Tournament Waterski Club in Eugene, and began competing on the USA Waterski/AWSA circuit, which lead me to start the University of Oregon Waterski/Wakeboard Club. Competed collegiately for about 4 years, qualifying for 2 National All-Star Championships for the western region.

Miscellaneous accomplishments/achievements:
1997 — VHS Alpine Ski Team – Most Improved
1998,99,00,01 — VHS Alpine Ski Team – Varsity Letter
2000 & 2001 — VHS Alpine Ski Team – 3rd Place Individual
2001 — VHS Blue Devil Athlete of the Week (Feb 12-17)
2001 — Qualifying member 2001 Iron Conference Alpine Ski Team
2003 — Moved to Oregon
2005 — Bend Pole Pedal Paddle Relay 1st Place (Team Spudmen — Male Team 30-34)
2006 — Unofficially completed the Ski Oregon Challenge
2006 — Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
2006 — Bend Pole Pedal Paddle Relay 1st Place (Team Spudmen — Retro Team)
2008 — NCWSA Collegiate All-Stars Competitor (Tricks) in Du Quoin, IL
2008 — AWSA Western Regionals Competitor in Orting, WA
2008 — EVTWSC Most Improved
2010 — Hoodoo City League 1st Place (Valley Funaholics Team)
2009 — NCWSA Collegiate All-Stars Competitor (Tricks & Slalom) in Ahoskie, NC
2009 — AWSA Western Regionals M2 3rd Place Trick, 4th Place Jump, 3rd Place Overall in Windsor, CO
2009 — Graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts.
2010— AWSA Western Regionals M2 2nd Place Trick, 5th Place Jump, 5th Place Overall in Caldwell, ID
2010— AWSA Nationals Competitor in Wilmington, IL
2011 — EVTWSC Worker Award
2012 — Hoodoo City League 1st Place (Valley Funaholics Team)
2012 — Hoodoo/OAS Snowathalon 4th Place (Men’s Individual)
2012 — AWSA Western Regionals M2 2nd Place Trick, 2nd Place Jump, 1st Place Overall in Bel Aqua, CA
2013 — AWSA Western Regionals M2 2nd Place Trick, 2nd Place Jump, 1st Place Overall in Windsor, CO
2015 — AWSA Western Regionals M2 5th Place Trick, 5th Place Jump, 5th Place Overall in Vancouver, WA
2015 — McKenzie Highland Games 2nd Place Caber in Springfield, OR
2016 — EVTWSC Worker Award

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